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I was so pleased to read today that the State of Washington is taking away any financial incentive for medical providers who do Cesarean surgeries covered by Medicaid. Almost half the births in Washington are covered by Medicaid and paid for by taxpayers dollars. Now, doctors and hospitals will receive the same payment for an uncomplicated Cesarean surgery as they would for a complicated vaginal birth.

To read a wonderful analysis of the new legislation, check out Carolyn McConnell’s article in CrossCut: Take away the incentives for too many c-sections doctor-money

Maybe the State of Washington can lead the way in reducing the rate of Cesarean sections, saving more than 10,000 women a year from undergoing unnecessary surgical births and supporting the availibility of VBACs in our hospitals, and dare I say, even our birth centers too! While we are at it, let’s make midwifery care available to all low risk women, and send our high risk mamas to the OBs! But hey, that’s a post for another day! A girl can dream, can’t she???


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