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I sit on the board of REACHE, Regional Association of Childbirth Educators of Puget Sound, and we are getting ready to have our 27th annual conference, geared toward childbirth educators, labor and delivery nurses, doctors, midwives, doulas and other folks involved in maternity care.

This year’s conference is sure to be a wonderful one! Hold the date: April 17th, 2009!

Why Are We All So Afraid? Perspectives on How Fear and Risk Impact Birth

Hype or Help? The Media and Maternity Care.
Jennifer Block

Issues such as home birth, cesarean section, and maternity care in general have been getting more attention in recent months in print media, television, and film, and the amount of information accessible on the web continues to grow. How is modern childbirth being portrayed and how are mothers being portrayed? How does this affect pregnant women’s knowledge and attitudes toward birth? Is the information age helping women make more informed choices or making them ore fearful?

Balancing Fear and Faith: Risk Estimation in Modern Obstetrics.
Andrew Kotaska

Dr. Kotaska’s presentation will include: What is “normal” birth and why is it important to define? The language and the culture of risk. Overestimating obstetrical risk. Industrial versus normal birth. Fear versus faith in modern obstetrics. An interactive question and answer session.

The Courage to Birth: Reducing Fear and Enhancing Confidence
Kathy McGrath

Fear is a stumbling block to many women who are trying to achieve a normal birth. Learn how it affects labor progress and birth outcomes, and discover specific strategies to help clients reduce fears and develop the confidence needed to have a positive, satisfying birth experience.

The Effects of Fear and Risk on Obstetric Practice

Dawn Russell

Dr. Dawn Russell, MD, OB/GYN at Evergreen Women’s Care in Kirkland, Washington will cover the life experience, education and training processes for a practicing OB/GYN. She’ll explain how these processes influence her practice and decision making.

Check out the REACHE website to register, or for more information!

See you there!


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